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About DSA Woodworking

How I Started

It's hard to believe that I have been a Wood Worker for over 25 years.  This love of woodworking had originally grown out of neccessity and over time it has become a passion.  Many years ago I used to be a flooring installer and my little table top saw that I was using to cut hardwood flooring with became the saw I used for my first woodworking project - a new bed frame for me and my wife.  From these humble beginnings to the furniture and accessories you see here on my site, both my skills and passion have grown with each project.  Now I am a small business bookkeeper and tax accountant.  The woodworking makes a great release from the stresses of life and it is something I never intend to give up.


Where I Am Now

My goal in woodworking is to create distinctive furnishings that are not just beautiful, but are designed and built for everyday use in the home.  Each piece is designed with your needs in mind and then handcrafted from the finest hardwoods and finishes.  My styles utilize the design elements from Gustav Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene and Greene and Sam Maloof.  Whether it is Mission Style, Arts & Crafts, Prairie or an extremely comfortable sculptured rocker, I will create for you an heirloom piece that can be used and cherished for years to come.


Ordering Information

How to Order

As you can imagine, I don't keep a large inventory of pieces laying around for sale.  These are custom built to match your criteria, style, materials and budget.  For that reason, I don't offer a click and buy option on this website.  If you are interested in a particular piece, it is possible that I may have one to sell, but I would count on a lead time neccessary to hand craft the item you want.  For this reason, the best way to start is through an email or telephone call.  The best part - it's free and there is no obligation.  That's because I love to talk wood!  So if you are interested in something from the gallery, or you need to discuss the perfect piece that just doesn't seem to be out there, give me a call and we'll talk it out to see if I can help.  To reach me, just click on the Contact Me page and shoot me an email, or just call me at (704) 677-6608.

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